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Main Content: Radiology Tools

Welcome to Radiology Tools.
Radiology tools (also commonly called RT or Rtools) is a light-weight radio station manager application that allows people who are hosting radio streams or stations to easily manage them with minimal effort.
Music and jingle support. Start your station off with music, with jingles that are able to be adjusted to play after a certain amount of songs. Not a fan of jingles? Radiology Tools allows you to disable jingles so that music is the only thing people hear.
Too loud? Radiology Tools has the ability to control the volume of your station without interfering with the volume of your audio driver.
Not a fan of constant replays? No worries! Radiology Tools uses algorithms to only play a song once per shuffle. Once all songs are played the song list is then reshuffled to offer even more randomness!
Not a public station? That's all right. Radiology Tools can be used as a simple playlist player. Toss all your favorite songs into the music folder, open the app, and start jamming! Skip any song you don't feel connected to in that moment with a simple key press. No more having to mess around with ports, firewalls, IceCast servers, or any of that. Radiology Tools simply allows you to root your audio through a specified sound device and the audio will play.